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Alex’s interest in massage began in 1989. He has studied many different techniques and aspects of massage. One of his greatest interests is the power of non-verbal communication through touch, and the healing power of touch. He has evolved his own specific style of massage tailored to the needs of each client. He enjoys teaching massage and is a member of The International Association of Health and Beauty Therapists. Couples massage and relationship counseling are a particular strength of his. He is also a qualified Sacred Tantric Massage practitioner.


Dee is a caring and loving person who takes an interest in each person. Her years of experience enable her to interact well on a one to one basis, in a non-judgmental way. She has studied and obtained degrees in totally different fields, broadening her knowledge and allowing her to understand the different circumstances in people ‘s lives. Dee incorporates a variety of massage techniques to cater for each individual.


Individual MassageĀ 60min R700.00
Individual Massage 90min R900.00
Couples Massage 60min R1400.00
Couples Massage 90min R1600.00